"Dining is all about trust, the customer comes to me trusting me to give them an incredible experience. I take it very personally, my aim is to give the best complete experience to each and every single person that i serve "


Weddings are at the core of our business. We truly understand that it is one of the most important days of your lives and that the memories made will last a lifetime! We are lucky enough to work in some of the best venues and equally some of the most unique locations.

Corporate Events

Breakfast Meetings, Lunches, Canape Receptions, Product Launches or Team Building Events are just some of the events that we have experience in taking care of. We offer a seamless service for all types of corporate functions, both large and small. Efficient and professional, we work the way you need us to. From delivering your chosen food to covering every element of the set up and management of the day, our dedicated, professional and friendly team will look after your co-workers and guests!

Our Commitments

- The good times may need to change but they don’t need to end. Chefs in kitchens, staff in service. The industry will get back on its feet and we want to help make those positive steps forward.

- Work with local Charities and Organisations in any way we can to foster a culture of helping people and projects within the local community. Our company wouldn’t exist without the help of others and we don’t intend to forget that.

- Create a culture of vibrant pop-up events that incorporate local business and produce. Collaboration is key, working with independent people with big ambitions and the drive to create breathtaking bespoke moments.

- Customer Service is the single most important aspect of success in this industry. We have to continue to genuinely care about our customer base and continue to evolve as a brand with this idea at its heart.