Hello, I’m chef Jay Geddes. I was born in England and food culture has been in my blood since childhood.

My cooking has been featured in magazines, newspapers and also used in a few projects around the UK!  I’ve been very lucky to cook for some amazing people including Rihanna, Beyonce, the England national football team and the royal family just to name a few!


I have had the privilege to train in Paris and Barcelona and some of the souths’ most amazing restaurants and hotels including; Grand Café, NV and the Grand Harbour Hotel as well as help open several restaurants. After years of amazing experiences working for other people I decided to offer my personal services around the UK and the world as a personal / private chef.


I am a firm believer in the “Slow Food Revolution” and buying local produce. I love to shop at my local farmers markets and i believe in cooking seasonally.


I can be hired for one night,one week, seasonally, part time or even full time depending on availability. I am fully insured and a DBS available upon request. I am available for hire worldwide please contact me for any general enquiries, availability, radio or tv work.


I hope you will join me in my journey through food! Whether you use my services or subscribe to my newsletters or just use some of my recipes!


Let’s go and happy eating!



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